Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am back in the world of the blogging! Besides not having a lot to blog about, I had no power for 2 days. A huge storm ripped through here on Monday night and took out a lot of power poles. I was up half the night listening to the wind, thunder, and rain, and worrying about the horses. They were fine though.

In the process of being without power for 2 days I learned that my water is gravity fed and just runs a bit slower without an electric pump. I learned that I love propane and propane accessories. My water heater and stove still worked, but I couldn't figure out how to light the oven. I used a little propane space heater to warm up the bathroom and I had the luxury of a hot bath. Overnight we piled every warm body in the family into our bedroom - 4 people and 3 dogs. The kids were on cots to keep them off the cold floor. It was a bit crowded but it stayed toasty warm in here. Thank goodness this didn't happen during a cold snap. We have no back-up heat system. Someday I want a wood stove or a wall mounted propane heater that can be manually lit. With that and a cooler for the food we'd be all set. We didn't lose a lot of food but I did throw some out, and I'm giving the fridge a deep cleaning today. Yuck!

Other than that, I've been working on moving my temporary fence and giving the horses a big fresh pasture to run around on. I have one little bit left to do, I've been too much of a pansy to go out in the wind and do it. I've been riding when I can. The group of ladies who were supposed to meet at the arena today all canceled due to weather except me and my sister. We were going to call it quits but decided to go anyway. So it was just the two of us but it got me out of a cranky mood. Tonka was funny, and good, and I sure do love that horse (even if he does coat himself in mud right before I go to get him). Next time I think I'll take Scout. He could use the experience.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you and the horses survived OK!