Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I had hoped to get in a good ride today in the beautiful weather, but instead I spent the day on the tractor (which is still good because I was out all day soaking up the sunshine). I evened the driveway out a bit. When we bought this place I thought the driveway was so cute with the strip of greenery down the center. Ha! That center strip doesn't erode like the ruts where car tires and rain go, and we end up bottoming out in the car if we're not careful how we drive. So I scraped and redistributed and scraped and raked and kicked gravel until it was somewhat better. Hopefully it will stay good for a while. I almost broke down and bought a couple loads of gravel today, but then I remembered a more important debt we need to pay.

Speaking of gravel, as soon as I put away the tractor I got a call from the gravel guy's son and I had to run to get ready to receive two loads of gravel for in front of the horse barn. My mom is a good sugar-mama for Bella. She didn't want her slipping in the mud (I think there's a spring there) so she bought gravel. I spread it out very thickly because the mud's going to eat it up. Then I ran out of diesel in a rather awkward position on the pile... I think I have a can of diesel here I can fill it up with, but I need coffee first!

Bella is still recovering well. She got to spend half the day out of the stall yesterday, and more time today. She was NAUGHTY though! You should have seen her running and jumping and bucking. She can sure kick high out behind her. I had to put her back in her stall for a while. I may just have to put up a small temporary corral for her to get well in.

Tonka and Scout are cute as heck, poor Cisco is bored out of his mind and always hungry (he's on a diet) and Soxy's face is looking very old lately, although she's happy and chipper. That's the status of the herd on this fine day! Hope you're having a wonderful day too!

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