Friday, November 26, 2010

I talked to my vet this morning and he confirmed my treatment plan for Soxy. She's happily gobbling down her special grub laced with antibiotics in the AM and PM.

Today I really wished I didn't have a special needs horse. My mother-in-law had a minor heart attack this morning and had to be flown to Spokane for treatment. I wanted to go up with my husband and father-in-law but couldn't ask my mom to take care of everything here, with the added complication of mixing and feeding Soxy's meds (and keeping Bella out of her feed). Hopefully the guys are having some good bonding time while John's mom sleeps off the effects of her procedure. They put in 3 stints and she should be fine. Scary stuff though. But she insists that she's fine! She's pretty tough.

We have a lot of snow here that makes driving kind of scary. John said they saw 3 cars off the road on the way to Spokane, one of them flipped right by my sister's house. Getting home tonight through the drifts around Palouse was an adventure. We punched through okay though, and once we crossed into Idaho the roads were kept clear.

It's much warmer now, 30 degrees instead of the negatives we were having. Very nice, even with the wind blowing. I'm off to take a hot bath and go to bed!

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Anonymous said...

That is scary about your mother-in-law - my husband had the same procedure several years ago - only one stent - and has done very well since. He eats better now and exercises more, so in some ways it was a blessing.

Glad the mare seems to be comfortable and doing well.