Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(This post isn't really a horse post, just some thoughts.)

The cold, biting wind blew in my face and I thought cold, biting thoughts. Then I thought to look again at the snow blowing serenely over this beautiful creation and I thought, "How lucky I am."

Continuing on this theme, while I cleaned up the barn, I thought that I might complain that there's too much shit in my barn. But how wonderful that I have horses, that they are digesting just fine, and they have a barn to shit in! Besides, I actually like scooping poop. It's not complicated and it leaves my mind free to think thankful thoughts.

This is a true story so I wasn't sure if I should pass it on, but it's not hurtful gossip because I don't even know who it was. A woman was lonely because her husband was gone a lot. Her friends all told her that he was a bad husband, he should be there for her, she deserved better. She became very unhappy. She asked a professional (who happened to be a woman) for advice and was told - "Wait a minute, he's not getting drunk in a bar, he's not sleeping with someone else, he's just working hard to support your family?" What an eye opener! Granted, there were probably some issues to work on, but it really illustrates just how much the people we surround ourselves with can influence our lives. I think it's important to think about from both sides of the coin. What type of friends are influencing you? What type of friend are you being?

Another thought on a different subject, but still preachy -
"What you put off for later you may have to do in a snowstorm!"
(I cleaned out my stinky chicken house today.)


Flying Cowgirl said...

Andrea, this is often how I try to think about life. Sure makes things a lot better this way. We had a family member who would complain about her man because he was out working in the shop all the time. We said, at least he is home and you know where he is. He's not out getting drunk, not with another woman... he's just working on trucks and cars.

I liked your FB post on the clothing in the doorway.

Gina said...

I like this blog post even though it wasn't all horsey. We all need to step back and look at things in our life. Thanks for posting it because that's what it made me do. I enjoy your blog :)

~Gina Chianello
Parelli Central