Monday, November 29, 2010

I have the house to myself again now that the kids are back in school and John is working. I don't seem to get much done when they're around. Partly because I'm cleaning up after them, but I think mostly because I want to hang out in the house with them. Today I spent the morning outside.

The boys at feeding time:
Cisco says, "Git, punk."

"Hmmm, that didn't work."

"Maybe I can move Tonka."

Scout is the immovable object.

A couple hours later I took a break from moving snow, sat down and played with my pup. Look at that naughty sideways eyeball, ready to get me!

This hill. It is difficult. I got about halfway up in the tractor, not even pushing snow, before I started sliding backwards. So I didn't plow it. We need chains. When I was done with the tractor I walked up with a snow shovel.

India had a funny white stripe of snow. She is such a happy girl. I recently noticed that she has great big bulges of arthritis on her front feet. But it doesn't slow her down much at all, especially when there are mice to be caught!

So arrogant a pose... In reality I'd just interrupted him chewing snowballs out of his fur.

I should probably go get some housework done. But I must say it was wonderful spending time out in the snow today.

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Flying Cowgirl said...

Huckleberry is a beautiful dog. Of course, I'm partial to Aussies.. oh heck, I'm downright in love with them.