Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program in hopes that there is someone out there with money and compassion and a love for the older horse who can't work. This one really tugs at my heart strings because her feet (and presumably her diet) need help and she needs to be gentled. I love gentling, fixing bad hooves, and dinking with dietary needs. Those are my passions. But I can't afford another mouth to feed that also needs veterinary treatment.

Today I got this message from
"...an Animal Protection Officer for SCRAPS. We recently seized an 18 yr old Mustang mare with hooves in deplorable condition. The mare is not easy to handle and the vet stated she has laminitis. She is gorgeous and has a kind eye, but really prefers not to be messed with. We were able to get the owner to surrender the horse to us today and just wanted to see if there are any rescue options for her before we decide to euthanize. The vet sees her feet as being able to come around with continued work, but she does need to be completely knocked out to be trimmed. We realize there may not be many options for an 18 yr old mustang that is not very handleable, but we did want to try to get her a better happy life before it ends. If you can help in any way, or know of anyone who may want to take this horse on, please let me know!"

Her name is Destiny and she's bay with a star. I will have more info and photos tomorrow.

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