Monday, November 08, 2010

Yet another boring blog with no pictures, but I'm hoping to have enough energy to haul the camera outside with me tomorrow!

I'm feeling pretty good but not great. I don't know if I'm still sick or if the seasonal depression is hitting me. I think it might be a little bit of both. And I think I gave my sickness to both of my kids, but we'll see. Hopefully not.

Saturday my sister brought over an old camper that she fixed up but she doesn't need anymore now that they have a huge new 5th wheel. It's small, fits in the back of the pickup without spilling over, and will be perfect for weekends with the horse trailer in tow. She even fixed it up with a horsey theme. I want to make some new pillows for it and do some sort of decoration behind the range, plus hang some cowgirl paraphernalia on the walls, but other than that it's good to go.

I spent part of the day Sunday doing a bit of sewing by hand and embroidery. I repaired Angus's foal blanket and stitched his name on there. (Angus is John's big dog). The weather was so rainy, windy, and cold that being outside wasn't an option unless it was really a necessity. I enjoy that kind of quiet crafty work when there's nothing else to do (besides housework, and who wants to do that?)

Along those lines, I've decided I'm going to make a hooked wool saddle blanket. I can't wait to get started. I bought some of the stuff for it today, and might barter for the roving sometime soon. I've also considered using my precious Roseanne's fleece for it, but I don't know if I can make decent roving, having never done it before, and I'm not sure there's enough there to send off. Roseanne died after her only shearing and I had only kept half of her fleece.I'll look for it in the attic tomorrow and see how much there is. When I get started I'll keep you posted on my progress. I am so grateful to Linda at "Just Another Day on the Prairie" for doing a tutorial on how to make these saddle blankets.

Yesterday (that rainy, icky day) we took 4 grocery bags and a box full of books to our local used book store to trade them in. They didn't take very many of them, I think because they're full to overflowing with books. Seriously, it was hard to navigate the aisles for fear of tripping over piles of books. But I did get two good books in trade, and the kids got some books too. Right now I'm reading "The Gentle Tamers" about women in the old west. I love it! It really keeps my attention (I can hardly put it down), which is saying a lot for a non-fiction book. The other book I got is also about women of the west, and has lots and lots of pictures, which I love looking at. Not near enough horses (I like to check out the old-time tack) but really great pictures. It also has many letters written by women over the years, and I can't wait to read the details of their daily lives. The one I'm reading now has more of an overview on the different women it talks about.

These books make me feel so inadequate though. I'm so tired, and I get so little done. Look what they endured! It's inspiring though - if they could do all that, I can get a few projects finished around here!

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