Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just had a thought. Actually I had it at least 24 hours ago but I just remembered it. One way in which my horse and I are not alike. He is an extrovert. So here we compliment each other? Although I am not introverted with him, so this difference doesn't exist in our relationship, just in the outer world. So maybe together we are still the same...

...And butting heads at times. I find myself considering selling Scout so I can have more time with my special boy. I can't sell any of the others. Or maybe I just need to make time for both of them. There are so many things I need to give my time to though... Two kids, one who needs a lot, a husband, a family, a house, a property, 5 horses, 3 dogs, and of course the cats and chickens that get a tiny fraction of time, just enough to feed them. Life... It's rarely empty! And with this winter weather I feel less inclined to have anything to do with the horses. I need to get out and reconnect with my horse and ride soon though, I think.

(I feel the need to clarify that all 5 horses aren't mine, but my mom doesn't live nearby so Bella's care falls pretty much completely to me, other than monetarily - and I am very glad for that financial break!)

We sat for several hours in the U of I Kibbie Dome tonight for a Christmas concert, hoping to see my daughter's school perform more than they did. They hadn't planned on going so didn't do an individual piece, and it looked like they hadn't practiced the pieces that everyone sang. I did finally find out why they named it the Kibbie Dome though. It is named after a person, as I suspected. What a silly name. For a Dome, that is. Except that it's named after someone, for good reason I assume, so it's not really silly. People have all sorts of silly names so it's not really silly for a person either. My nieces' school did a song that was very nice, a good energetic breather from the boring, minor-key elevator music. Whoever chose the music even managed to make Flamenco boring. Liam LOVED the marching band, and there was an awesome percussion/dance group. I missed the bell choir, unfortunately. The performers were pretty much all good, but the pieces were just not quite to my taste. It's a Christmas celebration, not a funeral, after all!

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Linda said...

Silly, but you always remember it, don't you? Who can forget Kibbie Dome?

I'm not doing much with my horses right now--feeding and cleaning and watching--but I look at this time as a break for them, too--their time to rest and just be horses. Personally, I think every horse needs time to just be a horse.

It would be sad if you sold Scout--but I do understand the feeling. I may get some professional help this Spring to help me ride all my horses. This is Beautiful's year, but I need to get Cia going, too. So, I'll probably get help to finish Cia.