Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The sun is out! I'd almost forgotten how nice that is. I was going to go for a walk but the wind just about froze off my cheeks while I was filling troughs, so I think I won't. Tomorrow is supposed to have less wind and I'm hoping to go ride somewhere.

My sisters' CT scan came back clear yesterday. I thought they were going to do a full body PET scan but that's just every 6 months, with a CT scan in between. We had a long day up in Spokane but we got to do some horsey stuff shopping while we waited for results. I just looked though, didn't spend any money all day until I had to buy gas. I was proud of me. :)

I haven't done anything with the horses except feed them lately. Feeding is quite a process though. All the mixing of goodies, and Soxy's antibiotics. Scout was rejecting one kind of beet pulp so I went back to the other kind and now Scout is happy but Cisco thinks it's gross. So I have to stand around and keep them from playing musical buckets until they're done eating, and then I go throw hay.

My goofy puppy had quite a wipeout today. It cracked me up. He ran full-bore into the hoses I had slung over my shoulder and dragging out behind me. He did the coolest break-dance spin on his back. I wish I could be more like him - so full of life, falling down spectacularly, rolling with it, and then getting up and running again as if it never happened.

He loves to "kill" this piece of cardboard tube. There isn't much left of it.
I saw a dog that looked just like him in Spokane yesterday. Handsome creature. :) Can't imagine Huckleberry would like living in town.

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Linda said...

Missed you yesterday at the party, but so glad your sister's results came back clear!!

I blogged some pics about the party and some of the gifts people thought of--pretty cool ideas. I got a coupon for a photo to be taken of me and my horse in spring--or actually, my daughter and her horse.