Thursday, March 24, 2011

Had some trouble with the music not going in right, but here's the video I made yesterday.

I have an even better one today! And now I'm even less sure I'll keep him up for sale. I'll share that video later.


Linda said...

You can really see improvement in his forward motion. I am a bit surprised you're considering selling him. For a young guy, he's doing GREAT!! He seems real level-headed. I don't know if its get any better than raising them up yourself AND being a full Mustang.

Keechy said...

I'm thinking the same thing. In the next post you look pretty darn good together, and look how far you have come with him! And, there is always the element of the devil you know! You know there is nothing hidden about his past. He has no bad experiences to rear their ugly heads down the track. You know he isn't on anti-inflams or potassium bromide. Just a few things we've come across buying horses. There are plenty more! :)

Plus they don't come cuter. :)