Thursday, March 03, 2011

My little human boy is sick - ear infection, pink eye, and maybe strep. He's on meds and he'll be non-infectious sometime tomorrow, but I think he's already shared some of his germs around. It all started with me bringing home a virus though so I can't point fingers. My daughter and I are feeling pretty yucky too, but she only missed 1 1/2 days of school. And of course I don't get to miss any time. But I have been taking it easy.

My big horse boy is sick too. I was visiting with Tonka in the pasture today when I noticed his hind legs are stocked up. I didn't have time to walk him much, maybe 5-10 minutes. Later they seemed a little better but still puffy. No sign of scratches or greasy heel. No fever. But Scout has goopy eyes, so I suspect some kind of virus. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

It makes me wonder though, because Tonka has been acting so strange lately. Asking to be taken out the gate rather than going to his hay pile at feeding time. Not finishing his supplements. He'd barely touch them at all some days. I stand with him while he eats so it's not a bullying issue there. He has that weird skin condition that I really don't believe is rain scald. (The weirdest little ovoid plugs of waxy something come out of the sores when I scrub them with my nails. Could it be a pimple or tiny sebaceous cyst? Emerging parasites of some kind?) He has diarrhea all winter if I don't keep him on probiotics, but he does fine without them during the summer when he eats only fresh grass, no hay. He had diarrhea recently but that was around the time I added in the new feed (a cup at most) so I'm not going to count that as part of the problem. He looks the most miserable of all of them when the weather is bad. He kicks at his belly pretty regularly. But sometimes he runs around and tears it up with the other boys, even instigating play by grabbing Cisco's tail and pulling as hard as he can. I just don't know. Maybe I'm looking for trouble where there is none.

Do these puzzle pieces fit together in a way that makes any sense to you? I'm thinking I may take him to the vet soon and have a thorough exam done and probably some bloodwork.

Remember that nice turnout blanket I got a great deal on? Well, they called me a couple days later to say it was out of stock. Thbbbtt. Today I was on the internet all day comparing prices, quality, reviews, etc. - agonizing over what to get (but pretty thoroughly entertained too). Then while I was in town I passed my feed store and decided to bite the bullet and just buy the one they have. It's a Weaver 1200D turnout with 200gm fill. Cheaper than anyone has it online. It looks really nice on him! I wish it had been daylight when I put it on him so I could share a picture with you. It fits well, no bad pressure points in the wither. That was my biggest fear, since the other turnout blanket I have is an awful fit on any horse and really bites in at the wither. At first I thought I bought it way too big but then it settled on him and it's just a tiny bit too big, if at all. I think, anyway. I'm no expert when it comes to blankets.

Speaking of which,how snug do you want the crossed surcingles under the belly? Right now I have it so they hang an inch or so below his belly. And is it always a good idea to cross the leg straps in the back? The other blanket I have came with specific instructions not to do that. These leg straps are not as wide though, and they're elastic. I started out with them uncrossed but when I went back out a couple hours later the blanket had shifted a tiny bit to one side so I crossed them.

When I blanketed him I shut the gate between him and the other two boys. Tonight I went out to feed and he seemed happy as a clam to eat by himself. He was very warm under his blanket too. And dry, but of course it quit spitting rain as soon as I put the blanket on him.

I interviewed for a job today. My first interview in, what... 15 years! (Wow, how time flies.) I don't know how I did. I feel like I didn't do very well but I wasn't a complete nervous wreck either so we'll see. It's for a full time job, great place to have a long-term career. I wouldn't have to take the SAT test so I could go back to school! (I have forgotten all of my math - the English doesn't worry me though.) John could go to school and do his computer sciences stuff. So wish me luck. I really hope I get it. It'll seriously cut down my riding (and blogging) time though. Woe is me, I can't live like a princess forever. :)


Anonymous said...

Just don't have any ideas about the weird symptoms - sounds systemic in some way and perhaps the vet will be your best bet.

I also have belly straps adjusted so they're about an inch or so below the belly. I do cross leg straps, but not in the usual way from back one side to front the other side - that causes rubs. I take one leg strap from back to front on the same side and do the same with the other but looping the second one through the first between the hind legs - this suspends the straps away from the legs a bit and helps prevent rubs.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks Kate. That's how I have the leg straps done too. I'll keep them that way.

Linda said...

Sorry about Tonka. It sounds weird to me, too. I also think the vet would be wise, and I'm not one to jump to call the vet much anymore.

I was going over my old blog posts from last March and I was reminded that Red coliced March 1st of 2010. He also looked depressed and lethargic, and I, at first, attributed it to his old age. Late, when my farrier came, he realized he'd had an abscess, and that's probably why he coliced. He was just being stoic through the pain. So, when they stand around like that, you never really know.