Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This was the scenery from my bedroom window this morning.

Fat Cisco trying to be an ostrich in the deep snow:
Behind Cisco in the picture above you can see a great big stump. That tree was hit by lightning long before we owned the place. The lightning strike killed a couple of the horses who were sheltering under the tree. The guy who owned the place then - I think it was the same guy who took the supports out of our old barn - wouldn't let the fire department in to put the fire out because he was afraid it would spook his horses. They had to put it out by spraying it from the neighbor's property. I love hearing these neat old stories from my neighbor. So much history. Sad that the horses were killed and the big tree died though.

Scout looking quite nice, Tonka looking like a dork:


At attention:

I love this little woods behind our house:
(Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be so much motion in this still picture. A sense of peace, but also a sense of tempest...)

The dogs were blazing trail for me. I love this picture!

There was a strange bird on the roof of the barn. Then I realized it was Das, my hen. What on earth was she thinking? I had to get her down with a broom - she perched on it nicely.

Then I found this beast in the barn. I think he's the one who killed the other hen last week. I found other evidence that I hadn't written about. He used to be my favorite cat but he's gotten really cranky and I don't dare try to pet him anymore. He basically doesn't live here anymore either - just visits once or twice a month. So I felt bad chasing him off, but not too bad. I couldn't have him killing my hens.

Here's poor Das stuck between her mean daughter and that murderous cat.

I had fun making this picture antique. It was kind of boring by itself.
The fence is what's left of a 60 (or so) year old pig pen.
I paused to take a picture of my man on his studly tractor. Which he said was not being very studly today. It kept spinning out trying to move all that heavy snow, and he couldn't plow the hill part of our driveway. We need chains and a backblade.

So later we grabbed some snow shovels and headed for the hill. Halfway there I realized the tractor tracks in the snow didn't belong to our tractor. We'd been victims of a random act of kindness! Some nice neighbor brought his Cat out and plowed our hill for us. Gotta love good neighbors. And I don't even know this neighbor.

There's John and Huck at the top of the hill, lovely Cat tracks in the snow, and I'm about halfway up the hill screwing around with my camera, of course.

A nice photo of the view from my other bedroom window:
After we shoveled the lumpier parts of the driveway I spent some time with miss Bella.

She's a magic horse.

Time with her is very zen.

She's a healing horse.

This guy was wondering why I was spending so much love on someone else.

This was one of those teary-eyed moments of deep connection. No words. You probably know just the feeling though.

And here you can see that Soxy was just thrilled to have her picture taken. But I couldn't leave her out!

It was a fun, quiet snow day. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be mobile again, even if it means I have to chain up. I'm getting cabin fever.

Oh! I almost forgot. One more picture and I swear I'll be done.
I ordered this blanket for Tonka today. It's a Weatherbeeta Orican midweight turnout. Just what I wanted. Got an excellent deal on it. For once the super low clearance price that is only available on one size happened to be the right size! It's from Adams Horse and Pet Supplies. Never heard of them before. They have some good deals on wind-proof winter riding pants as well. Unfortunately I don't think the one size available will fit me... I was one dollar away from free shipping so I ordered Soxy a new fly mask. She needs a dark one for sun protection for her eyes. It's a brand I've never seen before. I'll try to remember to write a review on it when it gets here.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos (not so nice snow) - love the moments with your sweet girl. I have one of those Oricons - they're pretty durable.

Linda said...

I love that picture of the trees--I already commented about it on facebook--I think you should frame it. It's just gorgeous. Looks like a nice blanket, too--and you are lucky to get the clearance price in the right size.