Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As you can see in this picture of her brand, Grace still has some winter coat to shed out. I had thought she looked pretty well shed out from a distance, but now I can't wait to brush her. And scratch her itchy spots.John gave me permission to play with her since he had to be gone for a couple days. So I did. But I promised not to touch her.

She gave me a vigorous lip wiggle a few times though.
I lied about her being the sweetest horse ever. She does have a bit of an attitude. Not much, but it's there. Which means she's getting braver, which is good. She's wondering if she really needs to put up with us annoying two-leggeds. Maybe she'd rather toss her head and shoulder into our space and eat her hay. (That didn't work well for her.) I think it's time to start doing things on the human's terms, but that will be up to John. If it were my horse I'd be getting out a pole to lay on her and touch her with, let her have a tizzy fit and then show her it feels good to be rubbed.

We had some gross weather yesterday.
Here's the view out my bedroom window:

And the kitchen window:
Bella and Cisco were instant appaloosas! Just add snow!

The chicks are growing like crazy, and that red one is always watching...
We've been sick, Liam and I. He has a high fever, sore throat and cough. Judging by the look of his throat it's that virus I got a couple months ago that keeps coming back. I have some kind of stomach bug. It's not too bad, really, but it was pretty uncomfortable yesterday afternoon.


arlene said...

Graycie has kind eyes. Good choice. Please take tons of pictures...I love to see mustangs in their new homes.

Do you know if that donkey boy found a home? I'm looking for a donkey pal for Echo.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I don't know if he did. I hope so. That was really tough, leaving him behind.