Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kissing Grace:

I need to learn to dress nicer for the camera.

I put the rope over the rail for her to get used to. She pulled it in, thoroughly checked it over and pronounced it boring.

John went out and played with her as soon as he got home.
First body touch! And first touch instigated fully by the human.

I thought it was fun posting pictures of the views out my windows yesterday, so here's another. This is what I saw through my big living room window today.

I got to play with Grace, Tonka, and Bella today. It was a good horse day. Bella wasn't sure about having to move around on the lunge line. She was worried and indignant all at the same time. But we had a good grooming session afterward and she was happy. Tonka was a bit naughty, but that's probably partly my fault because I've been babying him. He's also been kinda mean to Scout these past few days - biting him on the butt and driving him around some. I don't know what that's about. (I had to rearrange horses when Grace came home, so now Scout is with Tonka and Cisco is all alone.)

I worked in the garden today! Hopefully I'm not being premature, but I planted some sugar snap peas. It was fun playing in the wormy dirt and lovely black compost.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be nice but my wee man is still sick, so we'll be staying home again. I'll still get in some riding time. He's an extremely easy kid to take care of when he's sick.


Paint Girl said...

Grace is beautiful! I'd love to get another Mustang or two, I just love how smart they are!

Anonymous said...

She looks so sweet and her eye is calm - you've got a really good one there!