Saturday, April 16, 2011

I can't believe how cheap they were giving away horses at the adoption today. This is John's bid sheet. (Doesn't he have pretty handwriting?)
"A new life ahead"

A tense moment

Her first halter (which she would like very much to rub off).

These BLM guys are artists, I tell you. It's fascinating to watch them quietly walk into a small pen of five horses and just barely move around, using mostly their eyes to move the horses. The horses react differently each time - one group today was really flighty - but in less than a minute they usually have the correct horse running out into the alleyway to go to a new life. These guys are good at what they do.

Just for fun here are a few more photos of some of the horses that were there.

My mulie fella:

I think this yearling filly may have been a curly. She was very friendly.

One of these red horses got adopted by someone just up the road from us. I think it was the nearer one. He was a cool horse. I'm guessing he has a future as a gaming horse.

Katia wanted this next filly. We told her she could but she overheard me saying I'd be willing to sell both Scout and Cisco to make room for her to get a horse, if she'd spend time with it every day. She got upset and I offered her either this filly, Scout, or Bella, and she chose not to take the filly. I don't know if this means she wants one of the other two.

Some of the boys:

I liked this yearling:

There were a lot of horses there that I would have brought home if I had unlimited time and resources. But none more so than my little burro buddy. I hope he found an excellent, knowledgeable, loving home.

Here's a final parting shot of miss Grace. At least I think that's her name. We're still trying it on for size.


froglander said...

She looks good in purple :)

Linda said...

They are good at what they do! She looks very pretty. This will be exciting to watch.

Alexa said...

Oh wow new horse huh? That must be very exciting to adopt a new mustang. Congrats! :)