Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A year ago Tonka and I had already been out on the trail several times. Not this year. I don't feel like riding if I can't ride Tonka. And there have only been a couple decent days anyway, and I was busy. And I just plain have too many horses here. Anyone want one?Speaking of too many horses - Grace isn't taking to being domestic. But she's started to make forward steps again. Unfortunately this morning she ate half a piece of baling twine. I managed to get a hold of it while she was still chewing but only got half of it, the rest was well-chewed and broke off. She eventually swallowed it. She's not colicking, but she burped and coughed tonight. I can only hope she'll pass it safely. I've never had a horse eat baling twine before. It makes me nervous.

Tonka has become an escape artist, which is funny because he's terrified of being shocked by the fence. Turns out there was a problem in the connection. I thought I fixed it but he got out again. So I'll do a little more work tomorrow and try again. He just hangs around and mows the lawn for me so it's not a huge big deal but not good for a horse to realize he can get out. Right now he's with the other boys in the fencing that I know is secure.

Bella and Soxy are very happy in their huge pasture. Bella seems to have Tonka's skin problem. The two of them got betadine baths on Sunday. Bella was so pretty and shiny. Tonka rolled in the dirt before he dried so he never got to the pretty & shiny stage. I bought some medicated shampoo and Schreiner's to see if they will help.

In other news, parenting isn't all sweetness and s'mores. Sometimes it's work. Shocking, eh? My kids are awesome, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I feel like I could definitely do a better job.

And my sister's new cancer scare? Put off for a couple months. They're going to watch it and see what happens. She was very relieved. We all were.


Linda said...

I felt like that when Cowboy broke his foot, but my friends did end up getting me out on Shadow. It wasn't ever the same, of course, I always felt a little bored with it and not as connected, but I'm glad I got out.

Keechy said...

I know what you mean. My current girl and I have come a long way but I still don't feel that comfortable on her. We are heading into winter here so the cooler weather for us means better days for riding, but I don't feel very motivated. It's not boring with her, but a little bit nerve wracking because I still don't know what she will sometimes do and she is so powerful and emotional that when it goes wrong it goes very wrong. I find even the possibility of that makes riding her not much fun. My horses of the past weren't angels but I could predict them much better and we trusted each other. I hate having to rebuild that sort of relationship. It takes so long, and I'm starting to wonder if I can get it with this horse at all. So yes, I do understand you both wanting to ride your Tonka and Cowboy instead of another horse. That bond is so important to making riding a great experience instead of just some exercise. :)