Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We're still alive and kickin'. Busy as heck. Here are some pictures I've taken.

Tonka's special stuff.
Acetyl L-carnitine, glutamine, selenium yeast, magnesium oxide, vitamin e, probios, and pea screening pellets (more than shown in the scoop). I chose the peas because they don't have any chance of having corn, beet, or rice in them. The place that makes them doesn't process that stuff.

Beautiful eggs Lea gave me at our Mustang Club meeting. Thanks Lea!

Muddy boy practicing hobbling:

We've had a lot of ag planes flying over, sometimes two at the same time:

Cisco says hi!
He also wants to know if you have any treats on you.

I don't know what Tonka is saying...
Hee Haw maybe?

Grace is leading, but she still thinks our guts stink. And her left side won't talk to us at all.

Bella and Tonka got medicated baths today.

I think orange is a good color for Huckleberry.
He wanted love, he didn't want to sit still for a picture.

Tonka, with fly.

A killdeer nest I found today. So pretty. I hope the dogs don't find it.

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately. I've been in the dumps a bit. The sunshine today helped. I even got a little sunburn! So maybe soon I'll be back to blogging regularly. I just don't know.


Anonymous said...

You look busy for someone in the dumps. Sunshine and physical activity always make me feel a bit better - does that work at all for you?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Both help a lot, if I don't wear myself out. We haven't seen much sun - mostly wind, rain, and cold - but it's looking like the weather might be starting to get better. I get out whenever I can and do my best to accept the things I can't change. :)

Keechy said...

Yep, 15 minutes a day of sun will help. They do say though that for the best results, you need to get it on bits that don't see the sun all the time. Time to get yer gear off and do some sunbaking? :)