Friday, May 06, 2011

Just a quick update - Cisco might be sold later today. A very nice young couple came to try him out yesterday and they liked him, even though I thought he was being naughty. They're going to try him out on a short trail ride this afternoon (I'm going along, cross your fingers for me that Tonka behaves and doesn't get sore) and I wonder if I'll be coming home with only one horse in the trailer. That will make me sad. But it will also be a bit of a relief.

Scout has a prospective buyer who will be coming soon too. Maybe Sunday. I decided to contact the lady who has a cattle ranch and see if she's still interested. I liked her a lot, just from talking to her, and it sounded like a great home. I haven't had any time to work with him, so this might be a good thing. If she doesn't want him I'll think about whether to advertise him.

In other WONDERFUL news, Bella will be going to the trainer in late July. Keith Danielson has a space open then. He does an actual thirty days of work, so it's not just a month that she'll be there. I should get her back in time to do a lot of riding in the fall after the kids go back to school. I don't know whose horse she'll be - mine, my daughter's, or my mom's, but she'll be a real horse finally! I think her stifles are okay, they just seem to bother her when she tries to sleep standing up and they won't lock, then she goes and lays down for a while. If Tonka's up to it maybe we'll start ponying her out on trails to get her in shape and used to the woods. I'm excited.

I have 35 little conifers to plant, so I'd better get going... Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Linda said...

Good luck on that ride today. Looks like things could change in your herd pretty quick!