Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cisco has moved on to his new life. It made me sad. Then I got busy and got over it, then Tonka went looking for him tonight and I got sad again. I hate separating friends. I hope he's settling in well at his new place. I really did like the people, no bad feelings whatsoever. It's a good thing. Now maybe I can keep my whole herd together with no violence. I'm going to try that tomorrow when I have time to watch them all.

For mother's day I put my family to work. I didn't get my post holes and posts put in - the posts aren't bought yet. But we did get some fence work done and then they helped me plant trees. I have 7 left to go, not counting about 15 willow shoots I started too early and I'm afraid to put them out in this cold with such big leaves. It's supposed to be really warm in a couple days so I'll plant them then. Oh - John also got our mower fixed so pretty soon here we're going to look halfway civilized again.

Tonight I saddled Tonka up and we rode for a half hour. Tomorrow I'll ride longer. I think he's going to be just fine with careful conditioning and maintenance. I'm SO happy my boy is okay!

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Linda said...

I know that missing him must be hard, but glad you're out on Tonka again.