Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Check out what I got for my birthday! It's small and hard to see in the picture, but that's Tonka's brand on my ring! It was custom made - see the equine page on or better yet just click here. The maker is a mustang lover with two mustangs of his own. And prompt! I ordered it last Friday and got it in the mail from Maryland today (keep in mind there was a holiday weekend to slow up the shipping). I couldn't be more tickled.

In other news Cisco is home. It was an adventure getting him home. He got caught in a wire fence and I was thinking he was going to be all torn up but he didn't have a mark on him! He took 20 minutes to load and didn't unload well either. But we did a practice load and unload when we got home and he did a lot better. It seems to be all fear-based. He's terrified if someone stands behind him while he's supposed to be getting in. Poor guy. I don't think the people did anything bad to him, I just think he regressed when he was with people he didn't know and didn't trust yet. I do think somewhere along the line before he came to us he was manhandled or beaten to get him in the trailer. He had learned to load with no problems for John and I, as long as nobody stood behind him, and I'm sure he'll do well again. I don't think I'll try to sell him again until I know what's up in his head. He seems different. I worry he might be sick. He is not near the other horses just in case. Maybe he's just stressed.


hkfarms said...

Neat ring! Happy early Birthday! :)

Kara said...

I love the ring! Such a neat idea!