Saturday, June 04, 2011

We went on a very nice trail ride the other day. I haven't been taking pictures on our rides, but Melissa got some great ones of my handsome boy.

Today while I was gone (taking the SAT of all things, at my age...) Katia got Bella out and took her for a long walk. She's finally using the halter they won at Mustang Days last year. It looks nice! She sent me these two pictures.

Apparently Scout caught a weed.
This evening I spent some time just hanging out in the pasture. This looks like a dangerous place to be but Bella was just coming up to sniff my face.

Then she had to lay down and have a roll. The mosquitoes were driving her crazy (me too).
Good old Soxy.

Old lady lips.
Tonka again:

These two yahoos were making Soxy run around. I think they were having a discussion over which one of them owned her.

A lovely, clear sunset.

Good night!


Linda said...

It was a beautiful weekend for a trail ride. We had the graduation to attend and party at our house, but we still enjoyed the weather and the all the kids enjoyed seeing the horses, goats and kitties. I hope we get some more days like that soon and it doesn't jump to the 90's.

Margaret said...

I love the horse silhouette! Just stunning.