Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This week's trail ride had a lot of interesting moments. Tonka rode in a different trailer. We tried loading him behind Rosie but she kicked at him just after I'd tied him in and I was still standing next to him. He panicked, stepped on my foot which pinned me in place, and pulled back, smashing me rather gently against the wall of the trailer. Luckily his cotton rope broke and he backed out and stood there (we were loading up on the road, I am glad he is sensible and didn't even think of running off). So we loaded him in front, and Rosie in back, which worked better but he did skin his hocks on the way there so he must have kicked at her. Luckily there is a divider between them.
I felt bad when I saw his hocks, one of them was bleeding enough to drip. I don't normally dress minor wounds but I was wishing I had something to wrap it with to keep it from rubbing on the way home. Melissa loaned me a handkerchief. I need to put my first aid stuff back in my saddle bags.

Trust my puddle puppy to find every bit of muddy water to sprawl out in. He gets hot so easily. Dixie isn't so fond of being wet but she did get a drink.

We found the other trail head at the other side of the property we've been riding on. All these years I never turned down that trail and it is very pretty over there.
Rosie has pretty ears, and Huck got wet again:
Tonka didn't want to cross the creek in a new spot. He didn't like that the ground gave under his hooves right at the edge and he wouldn't believe me when I said the creek bed was solid. After a long time I finally got off and insisted he go in.
Here he gets a reward - grass on the bank and a head rub and a great big "GOOD BOY."

Then I climbed back on and we played in the water for a while.

We were both really hot by that point and enjoyed a lay-down and some lunch in the shade.

Here's Melissa (the blue spot in the grass) taking a break with Rosie, and Huck trying to claim her from Dixie. Those dogs are funny. Tonka was getting his fill.
A lovely picture of Melissa and her very willing Rosie, with Huck and Dixie too:
We both crossed the creek a couple extra times for good measure. Tonka had no qualms now that he knew it wasn't a bog.

I think this new saddle (my sister's) might fit. Looks like a good sweat pattern anyway...

A little Grace update: She's halterless and still living in the round pen. I've been taking her out for short walk and graze sessions and now she loves to see me coming. She still does the tail swishing and stuff, but it's all insecurity so I ignore it. I did have to clearly tell her she was not leading our expedition today though. She was surprised but learned pretty quick that she shouldn't try to pass me. This is an awkward picture of her but it's all I've got.

I'm going to worm her tomorrow and then move her to a bigger area with no wood to chew. She's eating my round pen and I don't like it!


Margaret said...

That looks line my dream trail ride! Wow, are you lucky.

Linda said...

Beautiful spot, Andrea. I'm glad there was a divider in that trailer. My friend's barrel horse had her leg kicked and broken during a trailer ride once. It was a heart-breaking. I sometimes catch a ride with friends, but much prefer to trailer myself. That's funny about her eating your roundpen. We have a mare who goes through wood like a beaver.

Flying Cowgirl said...

Andrea, my Aussie girl is a sissy about water but she's learning. And Katie's Aussie boy dives in, he's crazy about it. Dogs are so funny.

Tonka's sweat marks look great. How are you feeling after the ride in that saddle? Are you getting used to it?