Friday, July 01, 2011

I haven't been riding but I've got to start working Tonka every day again. The Mustang Club is having a ride on the 17th that is supposed to be 3 hours long and have some changes in elevation. It may not be any harder than what Melissa and I have been doing but I want to have him ready just in case.

If anyone wants to join us, the ride is at Heyburn State Park and is supposed to have some beautiful views. No mustang required, any horse will do. :)

I wormed the boys and Grace yesterday. For some reason I hadn't bought enough wormer so Bella and Soxy will have to wait. Maybe I was thinking we'd be down a couple horses by now.

Tomorrow I hope to move Grace to a different area for a while. She's still in the round pen. Poor thing is bored out of her mind and begs me to take her out every time I pass by. I don't want to put her in with any of the others because she has warts. Do older horses get warts, or just young ones? Maybe she could live with Soxy if she'll be nice. I know the warts don't hurt them any but they are a little ugly.

Speaking of unsightly skin problems, I finally got a product that works! My sister suggested it several times for the horses' skin problem but I kept forgetting about it. It's called Fungasol. I love it! Just spray it on once a day. I rub it in but I'm not sure that's part of the instructions. I don't spray the whole body like the instructions say, just the affected area. It's a little spendy at $18 a bottle, and I have 3 horses to treat... Scout is just about cleared up, Tonka is improving slowly, and Bella is improving but not at an amazing rate. The results seem to correlate with how bad it was to begin with. Bella had it worst. I'm starting to worry that she might not be clear of it by the time she's supposed to go to Keith for training... That wouldn't be good. I might haul her to a different vet next week, or at least call him and see what he suggests.

I let my little Ameraucana girls out of the coop today. They were afraid to come out, but they eventually did. I found them this evening roosting in strange spots outside the coop. They don't seem to be as smart as other chickens. Or maybe they're more primitive? They don't behave in the same way, that's all I know.

I accidentally found the new nest the hens have been using. With the mower. Scrambled field eggs...

Tomorrow I have to run to the feed store and the grocery store, then I'm going to fix fence and move horses around. Then some horseplay. Then my friend Allegra is coming with her horse crazy daughter and we're going to have so much fun!

I'm worried about the 4th, as always. Mostly worried about Grace this time, since I know our others have weathered the storm before. I hope she doesn't hurt herself or get loose and run for the hills. I'll be very glad when it's over.

Oh, and Alisa asked how the new saddle fits me. Not real great so far, to be honest. The horn is a bit high for trail riding. The stirrups are uneven from being mounted from the same side too much, but I've been playing with that and might have found a solution. I think the seat was made for someone with a narrower pelvis. Probably a man's saddle. I might try a tush cushion, as lame as that is. But I really ought to just give it time. I'll probably get used to it. Another weird thing is that sometimes the seat seems way too big, other times it's just right. I'm sure it's just that I need to get used to it. But I wish my good saddle fit him, it's perfect for me!

I haven't ordered my EZ Fit saddle yet. Waiting to hear back on a demo saddle they might sell me for less, but I don't want it if it's the wrong color. I should email them and see what the status is on that.

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Margaret said...

It amazes me as I have reading so much about saddles lately. When I was a teenager, I never thought about the fit of the saddle - just assumed it did. I usually rode bareback, but now I am relearning everything. Have fun on your trail ride ... take some photos of that beautiful part of the country!