Friday, August 05, 2011

Tonka is not handling his confinement well. Mr. Fidget. Here I've given him his Busy Horse feeder to play with. It keeps him from eating too fast, but it doesn't hold enough for a full 12 hours. I might get another, or something similar. I secured it shut a little better tonight.

Here he's having his leg iced. I can't say enough good about the gel ice pack inserts that go right in the boot. Wonderful, wonderful invention.
Tonight Bella and I did some walking out by the creek, checking on our baby trees and pulling a few weeds. She wandered along with me, carrying the bit. She took the bit fine, but you could tell she wasn't excited about it. She definitely remembered how to spit it out when we were done. :)


Linda said...

Interesting. I've got to make the decision on a bit soon. I used the halter you made for me last time, but she wasn't responding real well with it. I thought it was my fault, so I'm going to work with her more on the ground and see if I can get her to be more sensitive and responsive to it. Otherwise, I might have to introduce the bit and do both.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That's weird, she should be able to translate from halter to riding halter pretty easily. Is she nice and soft in a halter? I wonder if the new experience of having a rider on was distracting her? Or was it the same on the ground as in the saddle?

I figure unless there's a physical reason why not to, a horse should ride either in a bit or a halter with no problems. I started Scout in the halter because it was an easy transition for him and I didn't want the stress of a bit. (If you can call 6 rides a start.) But Bella has had a bit before and she's older and shouldn't be teething at 6 years old. I'm hoping she'll be okay in this gentle Myler comfort snaffle. She didn't seem to like bits before, and she doesn't have a lot of room in her mouth, but this bit isn't too fat. I'll use something bitless if I have to though. She's a super sensitive girl, so I shouldn't have trouble communicating regardless of what I use, as long as it's comfortable.

Mrs Mom said...

Thank you for posting about the Busy Horse feeder-- I have been trying to figure out something for my "pregnant gelding" for a while now and that feeder looks like it would be PERFECT for Lutin!

Hoping for a quick, smooth recovery!