Friday, September 30, 2011

I sure do love my baby horse.

Today we rode through farmland, but first had to cross a highway and pass a bunch of scary farm equipment and *gasp* yards and gardens. He was nervous at first but calmed down for the most part. The entire ride was a little scarier for him than riding in the woods though. I think because there's so far to see and so much to take in.

The first 3 bridge crossings I was on foot, but I rode over the last one and it was totally fine. He worries about what's under the bridge, and the first wooden bridge surprised him with its sound. I also dismounted to cross the railroad tracks but I probably didn't need to, they didn't bother him a bit.
The first time he crossed this bridge he was a little worried about the white railing. Isn't he a handsome baby?

There were these cute little tracks along the road for quite a ways. I think they're raccoon. What do you think?

This is a picture from yesterday. I love the view upward in a teepee.
Tomorrow we're going on a poker ride. I'm a little worried about having Scout around a bunch of horses and the nerves that go along with a big ride, but I think he'll be okay. I'm more than happy to walk if I have to. Or even call it off at the trail head if the riders are too crazy. Luckily it's a marked trail, not a guided group, so we don't have to ride with anyone we don't want to. This ride tomorrow (as long as I get in some saddle time and don't walk too much) will put me over the 100 hour mark for riding this year. Yay! I think that's pretty good considering all the time Tonka had off this year.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

He has the prettiest mane. Such a good boy for taking most things in stride. He's very brave and must be very trusting of you, too.
Congrats on the riding hours. That's a lot of riding this year. Was that your goal and what is your goal for next year?

Have fun on the upcoming ride. :)


arlene said...

Scout is a lovely boy and is doing so well. Foxsun went to a trainer for four weeks as a three year old and our second ride, once he was home, was a poker ride in Moses Lake. He did really well, but was so green. When horses were coming towards us on the trail he thought everyone was going to have a meet and greet and couldn't understand why we had to keep moving. I had to 'steer' him 100% of the time because the second I stopped guiding him he'd start to wander off the trail...he didn't even know he was supposed to stick to the trail!

Back in the early to mid '80's I had a horse called Eb who was fantastic in traffic, noisy shopping areas, the woods and mountains, but in wide open places he would freak out. He would look for things in the far distance..a lone bull or another rider and panic. I brought him to this farm when I married Brad and the wide openness made him a nervous wreck. I often wondered if something was wrong with his vision.

I can't wait to hear about your new pup once you get him/her. We always have had girl dogs so I don't know how males compare. A pup in the house is the best remedy when you have older pets or have lost an old friend. Sorry about Angus he looked like such a good old soul.

Kate said...

He is a great young horse - I like that he's able to deal so well with stuff even when he's a bit worried about something. He's just going to get better and better.