Saturday, October 01, 2011

We opted not to do the poker ride. Partially because of angry wasps on the trail and partially because I got to thinking Scout was not ready for that many horses and riders. So we went on a different ride with just 4 riders, including us. It was a great ride. We saw a lot of good new stuff and got to deal with a lot of wind in the grass. Scout is a fast walker and he made some improvement with slowing down and staying slowed down when I asked. We still have a lot of work to do there though. And I passed 100 hours of riding! I don't know if that's really a lot but I like it.

A couple big balers that made a lot of noise.

Here you can see another baler in the distance - there were four working that field. Bear and Melissa and Rosie are the real subjects of the picture.
I love this picture of Bear, he reminds me of the crazy hyena from The Lion King. But a friendlier version.

It was very dusty!

I figured out what this is! It's been bugging me since our ride at Heyburn when one stung Tonka. It's called a bald faced hornet. According to one site on the internet anyway...
At the end I dismounted and walked. It was Scout's longest ride yet, with the least amount of rest, and even though his pace was still pretty quick I could tell he was tired.


Keechy said...

Aww what a sweet earnest expression he has in that second to last pic! Can you believe that he was once in Bella's tummy, and then a little fola, and now look how far he has come with your care! :)

Flying Cowgirl said...

I just love Scout, he's a cutie pa-tootie. I'm so glad that you are keeping him.