Friday, September 09, 2011

Isn't he cute?

We had a short ride in the round pen today. I was feeling kinda dizzy and off balance, but we did some walking and trotting and maneuvering in the round pen. Then we walked around any scary stuff I could find, because I noticed he seemed abnormally spooky after he got home yesterday. He was more his normal self today, it must have just been the stress of the trailer ride. Later in the day I started getting a sore throat and realized I'm getting sick, which explained the dizziness in the morning. Back to school bug - hopefully mild and short lived!

Tonight I spent a lot of time loving on Soxy and feeding her carrots and grain and bute. I want to try to curb the pain until her time comes, and give her all the goodies she can safely eat, and scratch all her itchy spots as often as possible. She's such a sweetie. Grace was jealous. She makes it hard to give Soxy one-on-one time. I have to be constantly vigilant and make sure she's not edging in and making Soxy feel stressed.

(I'm going to say this in a whisper, in parentheses, because I hope I'm mistaken: Miss Grace quite suddenly looks a little funny in the belly. If she was bred right before she was gathered she could still have a baby - latest due date would be mid to late October. Cross your fingers for me, hopefully I'm just being paranoid. But then again, babies are cute, and look how nice Scout turned out. It wouldn't be the end of the world. But I hope she isn't.)


Margaret said...

He is starting to get fuzzy! My Oberon must be shedding his summer coat here in NC... the nights are starting to get "chilly" ... almost 62 degrees last night. LOL (highs mid 80's)

You are so good to Soxy... and a baby? Well, I would love that :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow, your weather sounds just about perfect! We've had lows in the 40's for the most part but one frost already, and lately the highs are in the 90's to 100. The horses are already pretty fuzzy, it must be kind of uncomfortable in this heat.