Thursday, September 08, 2011

My big baby looked like a big boy at the trainer's. But he's not so big at home. He looks little next to Tonka. And look at that baby face when his mama bosses him.

He's the first horse at my place to wear shoes. I didn't get to be there for such a big "first" but oh well. He needed them for the riding they were doing out in the rock. It will be interesting to ride a horse with shoes. I don't know whether I'll continue to shoe him in the future. I'm not really pro shoes, but I also know it's been challenging to find a good boot fit for Tonka and it's a pain to have to avoid certain trails to save my horse's hooves. Scout has naturally soft hooves. They're decently hard right now thanks to the dry weather, but most of the year they're pretty flexible. So we'll either have to find boots that work or shoe him during the trail riding season.

He gave Mama Cat a good petting. They're funny.

A "family portrait" kind of a pushme-pullyou with a peekaboo over the top. They're happy to be together again.

Tonka's tendon seems to be doing well. I put him in a small pen with Bella last week so he could be happy. But still, this is the face he wears most of the time.
It's because of his lack of exercise and his EPSM. He's moving really stiff-legged in the hind end, and his whole body just looks bad. He's uncomfortable and I hate to see him like that, but I can't over-exercise the tendon.

I like this face better.I might try putting him in the pasture tomorrow. I'm afraid to though. So I might not. I really should try trotting him in the round pen to check his gait. He doesn't seem to have heat or swelling in the leg anymore, but I don't know about lameness since it's so hard to spot at the walk.

Soxy doesn't look good. I think I'm going to spoil her for a week, schedule a backhoe, and say goodbye. Her face is swollen where the tumor is, and she has a pained eye. I hate this.

The dog couldn't stay. I'm not competent or willing to handle the severe separation anxiety. I felt terrible dropping him off at the humane society (no-kill shelter) but that is what they're there for, and it's better than him wandering around starving to death or getting hit on the highway, which might have been his fate if I hadn't picked him up. It was a hard decision to make. But when I got home and our old dog India peed in my shoes, I realized she wasn't okay with the new dog so it had been the right decision. She has terrible arthritis and is heading toward her last days after 10 years with us and she deserves consideration. I'm looking forward to spoiling the two dogs that we have, while we have them, and hoping that India will perk back up or maybe we will find some new pain management for her. I don't want to lose three beloved pets so close together.

So if I don't sound real excited about Scout coming home, it's not anything to do with him or his training. I'm just a bit worn out emotionally tonight. He's got a good handle on him, all the buttons are there. We just need to start riding and getting a feel for each other. At this point I'm not in a hurry to take him out on the trail, but it would be a pleasant surprise if I found we were ready for that. I'd love to get out in the woods and enjoy a ride on a good horse.


Kate said...

Poor Soxy - I'm glad you're there for her when she needs help.

Does sound like troubles and worries - hope you can get in a ride soon.

Margaret said...

Excellent decision on the dog... first to open your heart and pick him up when he was abandoned and second, to use the help of the no-kill shelter to find him a forever home. You were lucky to get him in so quickly.

Sorry about Soxy, but again, you are offering her the best life. She is one loved and lucky horse.

Keechy said...

I'm sorry so many hard things are happening at once. ((HUGS))

Don't feel sorry about the dog. You can't keep them all, and better he goes to someone who can make him their number one project to get the anxiety sorted. Those bad cases can be really hard. Poor feller. It could be because he was dumped and he might get over it, or he might have always been like that and that's why they dumped him!

Good on you for making the hard choices for Soxy. I had to do the same thing a year or so ago and it is ok, because you will be there for her and you will know you did the right thing for her.