Monday, September 12, 2011

No ride today. Plans were interrupted by a horsefly. Scout got all worked up just after I got him out, tossing his head and acting like a dork. I tried to find the fly and shoo it off for him but it didn't help. Then he stomped on my foot, trying to get the fly. So I put him away and went to get an ice pack. I was out of fly spray or I would have ridden anyway. Now I have a new bottle of fly spray but my evening didn't go as planned. Oh well. I wasn't really in the mood tonight anyway. My foot is fine, it just stung and I have a pretty bruise.

I forgot to mention the other day that I bought the horses some new toys. I was going to get a yoga ball but I found a big beach ball for much cheaper, and I got a rattly hula hoop too. It's interesting the different reactions I got from Scout, Tonka, and Bella. Scout didn't take long at all to be in my face investigating. Tonka was a little more iffy about the rattly hula hoop but pretty soon I had it around his neck, asking him to give to pressure. Neither of them was very worried about the ball, although Tonka doesn't like it when I roll it at his legs. Bella wanted nothing to do with any of it, especially the noisy hula hoop, so I just pretended to ignore her while I played with them. And of course Scout kept coming up and trying to take the hula hoop, which made it rattle, which scared her. I like playing with them with no agenda.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ouch on the poor foot. Bad horseflies! But you turned lemons into lemonade and your horses and you still had fun...or at least desensitization and entertainment. :)