Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scout's second trail ride was even better than the first. We went to the same place, and I rode pretty much the entire time, didn't need to walk to get our nerves under control.

He was very interested in some cows on the other side of the cattle guard by the parking area. They were very interested in us too. People-watching cows. :)

He flat-out refused to pose nicely for a picture.

That's a little better...
Pretty cool that I feel confident enough to be dorking with my cell phone and taking pictures on his second trail ride. :)
He really preferred to lead, on both rides so far. What a bold, brave boy. But we practiced following a lot today. At first he had his head in the air and his ears listening behind us, he was scared. But he got over that.
A long view, Gold Hill is the mountain on the left

Taking sign pics for navigational purposes, and a sweet side view of Rosie:

I'm so thrilled with this colt. He's so easy to ride! I can guide with my legs and neck rein for the most part, but when I want more finesse I direct rein. He rates really nicely too. What an awesome handle Keith put on him.

We went off-roading a bit and he really seemed to enjoy it. He kept trying to leave the trail after that, to go back into the brush. He had a little trouble going down a steep bank into a ditch, but that's just colt stuff.

Yay! Back on the trail and loving life. :D


Kate said...

What a nice horse he is, and the more miles even nicer!

redhorse said...

That's a beautiful trail. I'm so jealous.