Monday, November 21, 2011

I got to ride my horse today! MY horse, my Tonka. It's been a long time. 114 days. That's like, a third of a year.

We did some groundwork, grooming, sacking out, saddling, more groundwork, bridling, more groundwork, and then I climbed on. And I was HOME. I've missed him so much.

Everything was done at a mellow pace, with just a bit of trotting, and when I rode, it was only for 10 minutes at most. We'll build from there.

With Scout convalescing and Bella not quite good enough to be messing with riding in bad footing, I figured now is the perfect time to devote my time to MY boy without feeling guilty about leaving the others alone.

On that note, if anyone knows anyone who would be interested in adopting a young mustang mare, send them my way. Grace has got to go. John has absolutely no time for anything outside of work anymore. She'd be just $25 for the reassignment fee. I don't want to send her back to the BLM corrals. Here in Idaho I don't think they even try to find them a home, they just put them back in with the other hundreds of horses in holding. Grace leads and is respectful of fences, and she's about 14.2 hands. She's a gray horse so she will go through all kinds of fun color changes until she is white.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hooray! I'm glad you were able to spent some quality time and get in a ride on your handsome Tonka!


Anonymous said...

Great news about your ride! And hope you're successful in finding Grace a new home . . . I'd love to have her myself but my hands are full with three and I'm too old to start one myself.

Linda said...

That's wonderful about Tonka. I know how it feels to want to ride that one boy and not be divided. Good luck with rehoming Grace.

Margaret said...

Tonka was my favorite Disney movie and book when I was growing up. I'm sure you have heard of it... He looks like a very nice horse. Keep advertising Grace... why not put her up on your sidebar?

Keechy said...

I really like Grace. She is going to make someone a fantastic horse. I hope she finds a great home! I live in the wrong country on the wrong end of the world or Id snap her up. :)