Friday, November 25, 2011

Miss Gracie was a very good girl today. First we just walked around together, friendly-like. then she met the flag, and we did some lunging. She did much better today than yesterday, when I didn't have a flag. Yesterday she was being a bit of a pill about wanting to go back to Bella instead of walk forward in a circle. Today that didn't happen and we had a lot of restful thinking and licking and chewing between relaxed circles on a loose lead.

Oh, and yesterday she got her front hooves trimmed. All she needed was a good rasping. She was amazingly good for it. I had done some preparatory work about a month ago and she obviously remembered it.

I took her out for a walk and got some new pictures of her.

She also got to check out the trailer. She was very curious and relaxed about it. I didn't let her get in. I think I want to take the front divider out first, to make more room. This trailer is barely wide enough to turn around in, and if she does panic and turn I don't want either of us to get hurt.

Wee Mister Stinky got a nice soothing oatmeal bath today too. He's so crazy after a bath! I really ought to get a video of his munchkin growling and rolling and flopping about. It's fun.


Margaret said...

Her coloring is beautiful... what do you call that?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thank you! She is gray, so will gradually become more white. I think she was originally either a black bay or a very dark sooty buckskin.