Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today I made a trip to Spokane for horse supplies and ended up coming back with almost nothing. I did get the vitamins for the horses though. Unfortunately Scout is too picky to eat the HorseGuard that we have locally, so I have to travel to get Equerry's. Actually, I like having an excuse to look at tack and stuff so I don't mind making the trip. I did drool a bit over some headstalls and a Myler bit but my son dragged me through the stores so quick I didn't have much time to dream about what I can't have. I was pretty bummed that they were sold out of black oil sunflower seeds though. They have an excellent deal on them right now.

When I got home I took my Tonka out for a little fun. Chipped the mud off, with most of it flying in my eyes. I also had a flag to play with. He does what I want nicely but rather slowly. I'd like more precision, better attention and less sloppiness. The flag definitely helped. What I really want is a lighter flag. The Buck Brannaman flag is awesome but I can't afford it. A lightweight dressage whip would work if I could find one. *smacking forehead for not looking in Spokane*

When the wind got worse and I had to brace my body against it I took him to the barn and chopped off his toes. He needed a little trim. I left him there in Scout's stall and run, with Scout and Soxy next door in the pasture. I'll move Scout out tomorrow. I'm going to try Tonka and Soxy together since they're both "special needs," and the other three in the other pasture.

Speaking of the other three, I have a family coming to look at Grace on Sunday. It's odd because I only posted her two places and one of them was a nationwide group on Facebook. The other was this blog and I know none of you are looking for a horse. But one of my more local Facebook friends saw her and passed on the info to a friend who is in need of a horse.

So over the next several days Gracie is going to get a crash course in hoof handling, trailer loading, and a refresher on basic manners. All the stuff I should be doing anyway. And I'll find time for my boy too. Maybe he can practice trailer loading in the new trailer too. Scout is the only one who has ridden in it so far.

Oh, and going back to "special needs" Soxy, she's doing spectacularly well! I hardly ever hear her breathing loudly. She doesn't eat hay anymore, which is kind of a bummer for the bank account, but she loves her warm wet meals morning and night, and she still chews on the dry grass in the pasture. She just spits it out though, since it just balls up in her mouth.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope you have a warm and cozy holiday with lots of good things to eat. And a warm, fuzzy horse to snuggle. :)

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