Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scout got the go-ahead today to come off bute and try a bigger area. And none too soon! He was starting to rearrange the panels in the barn, and I'd caught him taking off at a run and having a bucking fit in his little 12x16 stall. Not enough room for that kind of nonsense in there.

As I expected, he became a fire-breathing idiot when I let him out. He ran, fell, bucked, and then just ran right under the temporary fence I'd set up for him. I hadn't turned on the charger yet. My bad, I know better than that. Anyway, he was fine, still enclosed in the regular fencing. He had a good graze while I went and plugged in the fence. When I put him back he was a bit of a jerk. Stall rest is not good for manners in a youngster. But he's calmed down now and is quietly eating his hay. That's a lot of exercise for a wee man who hasn't been out in two weeks. I'll check his leg this afternoon. Hopefully no harm has been done.

All this excitement when I'm not feeling well and should be down for the day. Not that I mind. It's good to see him out in the air again. I'm going to go sit in front of the TV and maybe even take a nap before the kids get home. Bella will have to take the day off. I'm sure she'll be heartbroken. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad he's out, and hope you feel better soon!

froglander said...

Hope his hi-jinks didn't re-injure anything and I hope you are feeling better soon :)

Linda said...

Good for him. I had to release Cia because she seemed 100 percent and she was doing more harm to herself in the stall and run. When they start to feel better it's tough keeping them confined!