Saturday, November 05, 2011

Scout hasn't improved yet. The swelling is worse today. I'm hoping to see a draining abscess next time I go out there. But all these worse case scenarios keep going through my head. I'm a worrier. But I'm doing what I can, for now. If nothing resolves by Monday then we'll have the vet take a closer look. I'd hate to have them do a bunch of diagnostics just to find out it was an abscess after all.

On a brighter note, Blue is so smart! He's not quite 9 weeks old and today I started teaching him a few things. He learned "sit" and "shake" today. We started heel but that will take time. He's just following the food. He LOVES food. Goes totally gaga over it.

I've been doing a little groundwork with Bella and Tonka, hoping I can get to riding them again. It's pretty ridiculous that I have 5 horses here and not one I can take out for a ride.

The weather should be nice tomorrow, so I hope to enjoy lots of horseplay! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday too.


Keechy said...

Nothing wrong with using food 'magnet' to teach heeling. Also, don't forget your clicker! :)

froglander said...

Hope Scout is looking better!