Sunday, November 06, 2011

Well, today was discouraging. Scout's swelling went down quite a bit. Enough to feel the lumps on his tendon that show this is probably not an abscess. If it is a tendon injury, and I'm pretty sure it is at this point, it's much worse than what Tonka did this summer. I'll call my vet in the morning.

This afternoon I put Grace in with Tonka and Bella for the first time. I took Tonka out initially, to try to control the chaos. They had been living right next to each other for about a week, so they'd had time to hang out. Which turned out to be a great thing, because it went over with very little drama. Bella let Grace know she was in charge, and they settled down to eat. When I let Tonka in, Bella kept him away at first with just a little posturing. When she let him approach they simply said hello and that was it. Later they decided to tear around a bit, but I think it was just in fun, or maybe something spooked them, but they weren't fighting.

We raked about a ton of leaves out of the yard today, but we took a break in the middle to play with the puppies.

This picture cracked me up:
India loves apples, and it's an all you can eat buffet this time of year.

Big fart, little fart, and old fart. :)


Kate said...

Sorry to hear about Scout's troubles - hope the visit with the vet gives some answers.

Linda said...

Oh geez!! I went out yesterday and found Cia with her left front pointed way out. I thought she was Cowboy because that's how he always looks. I did the same thing you did, but she didn't have any swelling in her leg. So, I think hers is an abscess--but she hasn't done it anymore. :/ His definitely sounds like tendons. I used to have a wrap for those because Shadow always had issues, but I don't know if it would help Scout. Our system was to hose it with cold water, let it dry, apply (I think it's SMSO? and some other ointment (I'll have to check my box--haven't had to do it in years), wrap with saran wrap and then vet wrap over that and repeat every day.

Hope he recovers quickly so you can get back to riding!!

froglander said...

Adorable puppy pics and I hope Scout heals up :(