Monday, November 07, 2011

The vet just left. No definite diagnosis but the problem seems to be either down in the joint or around the sesamoid. I guess that's better than high in the tendon. It could be the suspensory ligament. He may have just twisted the joint. He might have a bone bruise, and he might have a fracture of the sesamoid but he thinks that's unlikely because of the amount of improvement we've seen so far. I'm supposed to call him on Thursday with an update. We can do x-rays if we need to at that point. But for now the treatment is stall rest, ice 2x daily, and bute. Basically what he told me to do anyway but I feel better now for some reason. I guess it's just nice to have some information.

I just read that one of my favorite bloggers is in the process of passing away. She's been fighting cancer and met every challenge head on, but suddenly she's slipping away. I "met" her online many years ago, long before I got Tonka, on a mustang forum. She's a wonderful, brilliant, caring lady, a talented artist, a horse lover. She'll be missed. I'm glad she's not in pain but I really wish things could have turned out differently.


Keechy said...

That's so sad. I was really thinking there for a while that she had it beaten.

I hope Scout improves quickly. You've had a stinker of a run with the horses lately. You must be well due a period free of horse injuries an illnesses!

Linda said...

I've been staying away from the computer most of the week lately so I haven't kept up very well--did I miss something? Who is slipping away?

Glad you feel better about Scout's injury--whatever it is. I've found that cold water and stall rest improves 90 percent of all mysterious leg injuries. :)