Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've lost all track of what day it is. But then I saw a wordless Wednesday post on Life at the Rough String and all is well. Breaks from school are like that.

Yesterday I went up to Mountain Ridge Horse Rescue - - and took pictures of all the horses. Cyndi will have to post them somewhere, or let me know where she wants me to post them, but I'll share with you my favorites.

Mandy used to do some sort of rodeo. She's an older horse but she is still rideable. And pretty, too!
(The roofing on the ground behind her is in an alleyway outside her pasture. No junk lying around in the pastures. They still have a lot of material to build new shelters for the horses.)

These two mares are new to the rescue. They were strays. You can see why the meat buyer wanted them. They need a diet. The lighter grulla is pretty skittish but the darker one is touchable.
This guy is Raji and he was probably my favorite of all. He's sensitive and sweet and kinda spicy. :) He reminds me a lot of Lyric. And he had that gorgeous floaty Arabian trot.But as much as I liked the horses, I wasn't tempted to bring any home, which is a good thing.

I have to admit that the words "horse rescue" usually make me cringe. But this place is nice. The horses have shelter, the fencing is tight and safe. The horses are not wading in mud and there's no junk lying around. They have several separate areas with just a couple horses in them, as well as a bigger pasture with a group of horses. So nobody gets bullied too much. It's a good setup.

This morning when I went out to fill a trough I found the pump running for no reason. There was no water on in the house and hadn't been for a while. So I immediately thought there must be a broken pipe under the house. But from all the peepholes I have of the underneath, I can't see any wet or even damp. Which is nice because I was expecting a lake. All of my faucets, washer, etc. are giving out water in a normal flow. So what's up? Last time I went out and tested it the pump would run for about 30 seconds and then stop, then start again, etc. Which is making me think there must be a leak if not a completely broken pipe. Which is not good because you can't really get under our house. I need a camera on a long pole or something so I can look further under. I guess our only option would be to cut through the floor to get to it. Not great. I wish they'd planned the foundation better. What a bummer.

BUT I am so glad that when I need water I do have it. I just have to go outside and turn everything back on every time I need to run water.

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Margaret said...

Those are nice looking rescue horses and they are so lucky to be where they are in this economy!

Merry Christmas and hope you get a bit of warm sunshine your way!