Monday, December 19, 2011

I just realized I forgot to blog about our day. John and I had the riding lesson all to ourselves. So he and Scout got some wrinkles ironed out and Bella and I got some good advice regarding bits, resistance to the bit (or bosal) and in general I had a lot of little questions answered about how to structure things for a horse of Bella's mental type.

Bella was a rockstar today! She did so well in the arena. There was no super nervous introduction period, and I didn't feel at all unsafe mounting up after limited groundwork. I am still a little worried about her soundness, but nothing has become serious so I'm going to keep up the careful work.

I was thinking to myself tonight that we sure do have a broken bunch of horses around here. Not broke, but broken. But we make do and get along the best we can with the limitations that are handed to us.

Speaking of broke horses, poor Katia wanted to bring her friend over to ride with her, but we only have the one good kids' horse. It'll be nice when Scout and Bella get more steady and trustworthy. John just read that and he thinks Scout would be fine for Katia to ride but I'm not so sure. Maybe in an enclosed area.

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