Sunday, December 18, 2011

Katia and Soxy went for a ride again and this time I got pictures.Soxy's health is pretty good lately, and she seems to enjoy these short, easy rides around the property. Katia said she gets really excited when she gets her out.

I caught her about to ask for a stop here. Soxy's face is so sweet.

Then I rode Bella in the new bit and it was pretty clearly not her favorite thing. So I asked my mom for a nice, plain comfort snaffle for Christmas. Scout is using the one I bought before and doing very well in it. I'll just continue in the bosal with Bella until the other bit comes.

We've had a visitor in our field every day lately. Hunting for mice, I guess. I never knew they did that until I lived here. I love herons.

This little guy was just begging me to take his picture.

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Linda said...

I love herons, too! How great about Katia. She looks like quite the horsewoman in those pictures.