Thursday, February 23, 2012

I trimmed hooves today and it didn't kill me! I've been having this dang elbow problem for so long now. I've put off trimming because I didn't think I could. But I found this awesome stuff, it's a capsaicin cream called Capzasin HP and it totally kills the pain. Well, it did until after I trimmed, and it didn't hurt that much then. I highly recommend it if you have chronic joint or connective tissue pain. But I wonder if you do more damage because you don't feel the pain you should be feeling... And don't stick your finger in your eye after you use it. It is a hot pepper cream after all. And it does burn mildly at times. Not too bad but I'd imagine some people might be more sensitive to it so it would be a good idea to do a small test area first.

Anywho... I was surprised at how little needed trimming since it's been a while. I just got the girls done today, will get the boys tomorrow. They're pests. I have all the horses in the same area now and they were in the adjacent stall making all kinds of racket while I was trimming Bella. She didn't appreciate it. At one point she decided she had to leave, but I think that was more because of the dogs barking at Liam who looked like a crippled Jedi coming out to visit me in his bathrobe, trying to keep it closed to the wind. Kids...

The horses are obviously loving being pastured together. The mustangs all stand in a red huddle with their blaze faces so close together. Then they play chase, graze a bit, and take a nap. It's all so loving and harmonious. Soxy stays separate because she's old and protective of her space, but I know she loves the company. And she enjoyed teasing the boys and then squealing and striking at them, all from the safety of the other side of a gate of course. She still has to be separate a lot of the time because she gets special feed.

I was going to make a trip to the Seattle area tomorrow to visit my good friend but I had to cancel it. I'm bummed. So I'm "window shopping" online for a bit of retail therapy, even though I can't buy anything.

Check out this awesome barefoot hoofprint pendant on Etsy: You see so much horseshoe art around but not much like this, and not this well done. It's so small I was thinking it might make a nice charm for a bracelet if you're into that sort of thing.

I also like this shop:

This one isn't horse related but I LOVE it:

So many beautiful things on Etsy. It inspired me to make my own turquoise and leather barrette tonight, and to attempt to fix an old handmade silver barrette I've had since I lived in New Mexico. I don't have a lot of faith in super glue though... But I really want to do more of this soon. Maybe experiment with horsehair too, and I have a beading loom. So many possibilities, so little time! And I am notorious for starting projects and then stuffing them in a box. (Remember the saddle blanket I was making a year or so ago? I still want to finish it, but it's still barely started.)

Speaking of projects, I've been on a roll. Painting the trim inside the house, giving everything a thorough scrubbing, rearranging all my wall art. My living room is actually kind of relaxing now. Still have a huge TV blocking my big back window but I haven't found a lower table to put it on yet. Speaking of which, I went antiquing the other day and boy could that be an expensive hobby! So many things to fall in love with. I contented myself with an absolutely wonderful ceramic bread bowl that is over 100 years old, for only $30. I first saw it a couple months back and I looked at it several times since then, and I finally caved and bought it when it was still there a week ago. There's something about it, I just immediately loved it. Maybe it was mine in a past life. :)

So anyway, I think this supplement I'm taking is really helping with my energy levels. It's amazing how much I can get done in a day. But I don't know if it's a permanent effect or if something in it is amping me up. Either way, I'll take it. Until I need to quit taking it, that is. Hopefully the energy will stay with me.

On that note, I better go get a few more things done before bed. Good night!


Lea and her Mustangs said...

We really missed you at the Mustang Club meeting. Hope all is well. We had a good get together.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

We really missed you at the Mustang Club meeting. Hope all is well. We had a good get together.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Hey Lea. Sorry I missed the meeting again. I just sent you an email.