Tuesday, March 06, 2012

 I haven't had much time or anything interesting for blogging lately.  So I figured I'd take some pictures to write about.  Above (because I just finally went to the new version of Blogger and haven't figured it out yet) are our two hens - Blackbeard and Blondie. Not a very interesting picture but it is fun to have them escort me out to the barn in the morning.  And that means the weather is nice enough for them to come out and forage and quit pooping on all my stuff in the barn, which is very nice.  Das, one of our original hens, is still here and going strong, although not laying.  Her daughter Peekaboo was in a nest this morning, so maybe I'll get an egg.  They're so good at hiding them, and the dogs are so good at finding them, that an egg for us is a very rare occasion.  :)

These girls next door have been dropping babies right and left.  It was strange, they really got going the night we had very cold temperatures - lots of babies the next morning.  Poor critters, born into this cold world.  They all seem healthy though, as far as I can tell. I feel lucky to have them next door for me to watch.  Soon they'll start having crazy calf races, I love that!

 Despite my optimistic last post, my arm is still very painful and not very usable.  I've lost so much strength trying to baby it and make it better.  My current tactic is to take a lot of ibuprofen and use it anyway.  But I also broke down and got a lighter saddle yesterday.  Just a cheap used Fabtron.  It's so light I can toss it around no problem.  It seems to fit Tonka like a glove, but not Scout. 

My good Huckleberry in the brush: 

Blue is getting big!

He's an annoying little brother.

But he's still super cute.

And very intense at times.

India is the cuddliest dog ever.

So sweet.

Blue is a pest.  India tells him off but he knows she's all bark.
India's arthritis is getting a lot worse.  I took her to the vet I work for and she thought we'd be lucky if she makes it another couple months.  She is getting slower to get up, and easier to fall down.  She is in a lot of pain too, even with meds, but she still happily runs around outside and she still eats, although not as much.  So it's not time yet, but I can see it getting closer.

I'm still working at the Spay Neuter Clinic and loving it.  I may get a paid position there soon.  I hope so, it would really help with the finances.  I've been doing a lot of eBay selling for John. That can be interesting when I don't know much about what I'm selling.  Luckily eBay has a lot of the information on cell phones already there for me to use.  I've been reading a fair amount but am now almost out of books - any suggestions?  I also got my house pretty well in order but you know how long that lasts when you have kids.  I still have some painting to do too.

Saturday was Shearing Day out at my friend's farm.  Even though it's work I always enjoy it.  John and Katia came along too this time.  They both had fun.  John got to spend the day "sheep tipping" as he put it, and Katia helped with skirting.  She did a good job, didn't have to be nagged to get her butt in gear.  :)  She liked the work and wants to keep doing more stuff like it, so she's going to help me with the garden this year.  (Little did she know she was going to help me with that anyway.) 

This update seems to be getting a little boring so I'm off!  Hopefully I'll have some horse adventures to report soon, now that I have a saddle I can lift. :)


Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your arm! I'm learning how to use an angle grinder to trim hooves, in order to hopefully save my feeble arms/ligaments/tendons (whatever I pulled last year using nippers/rasp).

I just finished two books by Ann Patchett, Bel Canto and Run. Very good, both of them. Very intricate character development, which is something I love in books.

Love the chickies! Ours are venturing out too! Love my ladies!

arlene said...

Blue is getting so big but he's still got that puppy face. Teddy would love to play with him.

One day they will have a cure for bad joints and boy will we have fun again...and all the old dogs. Our dog, Bobby gets all stoved up. Some days she does much better. I suppose just like us...some days better than others.

Linda said...

I bet working at the clinic is fun. I forgot you were doing that. A paid position would be awesome! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine we're getting.