Friday, February 10, 2012

It was a dreary day here but I didn't feel it a bit. I did my morning "run" on the treadmill (actually it's walking and jogging) and then some housework, some horsework, some time with my sister, a chiropractor visit, a trip to the DMV, and picked up my boy who had had a bad day, then got dinner and came home and became a vegetable.

This morning as I was walking back from feeding the boys, our old dog India preceded me with a deer leg she'd found. She was soooooo happy. Talk about walking proud. When she stood at the door cheerfully expecting me to let her in I had to put my foot down. She enjoyed it thoroughly outside. It reminds me that I keep meaning to pick up some bones from the butcher for the dogs. They're really good for keeping their teeth clean. And of course the dogs love them.

I took Scout for a walk around the property, looking for the dead deer. All I found was a small bone for Blue to enjoy. But we did find that the pond on the far side of the property is pretty full, and Scout walked right in, got a drink and splashed around, over his knees in the water. I like his playful inquisitiveness. Meanwhile Tonka got his exercise running and calling for "his" colt. So when I put Scout back, after letting him enjoy some of the tiny delectable green grass by the pond, I got Tonka out. He was all sweaty and breathing hard but he also enjoyed his turn at the green grass. He did walk in the pond when I insisted, but only on the very edge and he pointedly did not enjoy it. We walked around some more and I gave him extra grazing time. I know that EPSM is supposed to be adversely affected by sugars in the grass, but I think that it does Tonka good because of the extra vitamins in green grass. He always does better when he's grazing fresh grass. So I did a couple chores while he ran loose stood around eating, then I put him away. Baby Blue doesn't know yet not to walk right under a horse, as he showed me a couple times today. But he didn't learn his lesson, they just ignored him.

The rest is pretty boring but it was a good day overall. Hope you all had a good day too!

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