Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I wonder if we could grow rice here?

I took Tonka out to see how flooded the lower pasture is.  It was fun to splash around. 
 Blue was afraid of the neighbor ladies.
Some cowdog he is.

Everyone got their 5 way vaccines today and they all stood nicely while I did their shots all by myself.  Tonka's muscle felt different than the others, kinda crunchy as the needle went in.  Wonder if that's just because he was tense (he'd had his blood drawn a couple hours earlier and might have been fed up with needles) or because of the EPSM.  Interesting, anyway.  So all my spring health work is done.  Love that feeling.  And Tonka and I had a great ride. It's a good day.

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Linda said...

The vet comes to my place today to do our immunizations. She was supposed to come last night but got a nail in her tire. :/ I just have her do strangles and West Nile....I bought my own 5-ways, too. I find it's easier on them if I do it. I just pop the needle in, let them settle down (if they need to), then attach the vile and squeeze it in. When the vet comes to do it they get way more nervous.