Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well I went ahead and got Bella out today, and after spending about an hour on her tangled mane we saddled up, did a little bit of ground work, and rode.  When I trotted her on line she didn't seem to have a limp at all, or if she did it was very slight.  So I opted not to do too much circle work so I don't cause her to start limping again.  Riding went really well, amazingly well, so well I got tears in my eyes at one point.  She's a good girl.  Once we got through re-establishing the basics and just rode out, she was really enjoying trucking along and taking in the scenery.  I think she just wanted to keep on going.  Whenever I took her into a new area with new distractions she'd need to be reminded not to let her anxiety make her rush, but out in the field she was totally in her element.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  And I never felt a limp as we were riding either, but of course we stayed at a walk so she shouldn't have been limping anyway.

Tonight Katia and I both wanted to ride.  Tonka had been such a racehorse in the pasture that I decided to ride him and see if he was able to carry me without stumbling and having a hard time.  He was totally fine!  Yesterday I had put him and Scout in a pasture with more grass.  I wonder if all the discomfort I was seeing was just gas.  I know Scout had big gas because I could feel it rumbling in his belly even through the saddle when I was riding him, and he even belched in my face.  I put them back in the more sparse pasture this morning, with lots of hay.  Maybe the gas dissipated and he'll be fine now.

Soxy seemed to enjoy her ride.  Katia rode in a saddle, under protest, because I think it's easier on the old lady's back.  As we were walking back I mentioned that I'd give Soxy her goodies in the stall, and she gave me a very eager look.  I hadn't realized she knew the word "goodies."  They're so smart.


Linda said...

Maybe she's all better now! She sounds like a sweetheart.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

LOL You can ride Sage. I was planning on ponying her.