Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I took Soxy to her new/old home yesterday.  I was really bummed, but she made me feel better about it when we got there.  She jumped out of the trailer whinnying at her old buddy who was just on the other side of the fence.  She was so happy!  And that made me happy.  And there were kids there who were excited to have their mom's old horse back, even if they didn't remember her.  She'll have plenty of love and attention, horse buddies to pal around with, and kids to ride her, which is everything she needs. We'll miss her of course, but this really is for the best.

In other horse related news, I don't have much.  I've been helping with dental work on horses, which is a lot of fun.  I've met a bunch of neat horses.  There hasn't been one I haven't liked.  :)

I got Tonka out the other day, after not riding for probably 2 weeks, and he had another bucking fit.  I don't know if I mentioned the one he had before the poker ride.  Luckily neither happened while I was in the saddle.  It was clear both times that something was REALLY wrong and he was terrified, and now I'm wondering if it's a pain thing.  So I have some things to fiddle with and see if it makes a change.  I don't like seeing him like this.  He has done this regularly once before, with a saddle that didn't fit.  So I'm thinking it may be saddle fit again.  We'll find out.  I did ride him after he settled back down but only for a few minutes.  It felt great to ride again.  But I didn't want to hurt him if this is a saddle fit problem.

I probably won't have much time for the horses anytime soon, but things are shaping up with the house.  We got it completely cleaned up for photos and it is on the market now.  My neighbor's son is interested.  I'd like to see them buy the place and be able to help out my neighbor as he ages.  He's a nice guy.  But whoever buys it, I hope it sells soon!  We found a place we really like up in Spokane.

I'll share a few house photos just for fun.  I can't believe how clean my son's room is!

I don't know which exterior photo I like better...  Too bad I can't get a shot from head-on, but those lilac bushes get in the way.

It's not a bad little house, as much as I've complained about how small it is.  The property makes it all worth it.  I wish we could get a property like this up in Spokane.  We're going to have to go smaller on acreage for sure, but hopefully get a bigger house in the process.  And I really want trees, and neighbors a little distance away.  What I really want is the place we have our eye on.  I hope nobody else snaps it up first!


Keechy said...

Fingers crossed for you! I'm glad Soxy is happy! xxx

Linda said...

What area is the house you want in? we have a dairy for sale next to us for 525, but it has 29 acres, 10 of which could be sold. It could also be turned into a money-maker since it has an indoor arena and lots of outbuildings.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That sounds super nice but it's way out of our price range. Wouldn't that be fun though, if we were neighbors and we could ride in my indoor arena? Someday maybe...