Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well, all of the pre-hire stuff is done, and John got his official job offer today.  He starts on Monday.  Awesome benefits, great pay, company car, company credit card.  It'll be weird being back in the busy world of a big corporation in a big city.  Well, biggish anyway.  It's a whole different world. 

After he told me about that I realized I need to get my ducks in a row and start arranging things for the horses.  I need to ask around and find out where they can stay if we end up moving out of this place before we move into a new place.  I haven't gotten that one figured out yet, but I did call Soxy's old owner, who is SUPER excited to have her old mare back as soon as possible.  I may not take her out there until Monday.  I have so much to do over the next four days.  But she'd like her sooner if I get time.  I'm really glad she's excited but I'm going to miss the old girl.  Every time I think about it, it makes me cry.  But the silver lining is that at least I get to tell her goodbye when she's still alive and well.  I have to keep looking for the silver lining because it's easy to get a little gloomy.

I keep thinking, "Maybe this is the last time in a long time that I'll drive up the grade out of Lewiston."  "Maybe this is the last time I'll see the sun set so red over Kamiak Butte."  Et cetera.  And the worst of it was when we had Liam's Celebration of Learning tonight with his school crew.  I am REALLY going to miss the safe, thoughtful, caring, GOOD learning environment of his Expeditionary Learning school.  I wish they had something like it to offer up in Spokane.

Enough of that.  I've got fly masks to remove before it gets too dark.  So good night!


Linda said...

When I moved from Lewiston we left a house with a view of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. It was the same view I always saw on my trail rides (trail head five minutes from my driveway or riding out on the farm fields around our house.) Also, I'd lived there for 20 odd years. I have to admit, I still think back sometimes and miss the comforting sights of that time, my family who lived close, my friends. It took me a while to embrace Spokane fully. I will say the horse women up here are awesome and always ready to ride the trails. In the winter we meet at Chaps, the western coffee house. It's pretty nice.

arlene said...

I'm really happy for you. I'm sure you'll find a great place close to Spokane.