Sunday, May 06, 2012

We've been super busy.  I'm trying to load photos of my big ride today but I didn't make them small yet and it won't let me.  So maybe that'll have to wait for tomorrow.  These are a couple days old:

Riding Bella in the big pasture, all alone - she did great!

John on Scout

My  handsome Tonka

And on another note - if you were house hunting would you choose a new house with limited horse facility (needs buildings & fence) or an old house with plenty of outbuildings but that needs work?  We looked at a place that seemed to have a lot of history (built in 1910) and i loved it but would need some roofing on some outbuildings and the house isn't much better than our current old homestead.  We'll probably end up somewhere else but this is the photo of the ranch sign at the entrance, which was about where I fell in love:
Diamond B Appaloosa Ranch in Chattaroy - anyone heard of it? 


Linda said...

Your horses look great. I don't know which I'd choose...depends on how bad the house and outbuildings were and how much money it would take to bring them up to speed. Some old homes aren't really salvageable....or at least not without a million dollar investment. I passed on some great outbuildings for that reason. This house was the new one with no fences or barns--equally expensive to bring up to speed, but at least newer.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Did I miss something. Has John gotten a job. Are you moving to this part of the country?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He got the job he wanted with Sprint! We just found out but we've been kind of thinking ahead. So we're moving to the Spokane area. I'm thinking maybe somewhere near you guys (that's near my mom too) or maybe Cheney... We did look at a few up in the Chattaroy area but that's pretty far out and lots of snow from what I hear. I guess it depends on what we find that we can afford.

arlene said...

Our house is over a hundred years old. We did a lot of work on it and it was worth it. I love old houses myself.