Monday, June 25, 2012

 The above picture was taken by my sister on our ride last week.  
Love that view.  Love that horse.  :)

Yesterday I got Scout out in the morning and we did some riding.  His trot is so terrible.  I think because he's all tense and inexperienced and is more sticky than goey.  He wore me out.   Then I made a phone call while I sat on his back and he just stood there like a gentleman for the longest time.  No pawing or wiggling. 

So I got this idea that John and I ought to go on a trail ride.  It was great!   Scout did wonderfully, but Tonka was totally weird.  I haven't ridden that spooky horse in a long time.  At one point I felt like I was riding a powder keg and he might blow apart in all directions at any moment.  He was terrified that something was going to come out of the bushes and eat him.  All I had to do was stop and let him eat grass for a few minutes and decompress.  Then we continued on but luckily were almost out of that area so his fear didn't build up as bad again.

See, here he's still looking for boogeymen. 
He only actually spooked once though.  Don't even know what it was that set him off.  Might have been a culvert.  I guess he prefers the security of a bigger group of horses, and maybe he's not wanting to be the lead horse.  He relaxed a lot when Scout took the lead.

Anyway, back to how well Scout did.  He was nervous at first but never spooky.  He looked at a burnt log funny once.  Other than that he was very responsive to cues and just plugged right along.  He led for a while, with no fear or worry.  What a good boy.  I wish we had opportunities to do this more often.  Then I'd still get to ride my horse and Scout would get to go out too.  And of course I like spending time with my husband.  :)

This morning I think I'll ride Bella.  She's been such a snob lately.  So disdainful.  Anything that isn't grazing is so beneath her.  She's still a good girl but she makes her opinions known in little ways.  I'm positive she won't be excited about riding, but she's got to do it anyway.  Maybe I'll take her some carrots to make the experience a little sweeter.

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Margaret said...

It can be scary riding a spooky horse... Glad you stuck with it and knew what to do. Your trails look GREAT!