Sunday, June 24, 2012

 Tonka and I went on another great trail ride yesterday.  We got there before everyone else and got tired of waiting so we went up the trail a little ways all by ourselves.  He wasn't as confident as he is in a group but he did pretty well.  I stopped and took a picture of the flower above so I could identify it later.  I thought it looked like honeysuckle and it turns out that it is honeysuckle.

When we heard the rest of the gang pull up we went back and joined the group.  We did a lot of riding on tiny game trails, which was fun.  We found this elk wallow along the way.
 While one of the riders adjusted her stirrups we stood and waited and Tonka started eating the dirt.  He did this again later in an area that was heavily used by wildlife.  I'm thinking these spots must have natural mineral deposits.  I'd kind of like to try to find it again and see if he eats the dirt again, maybe bring some home.

I like this picture of Amy and Moose going to see if there's a trail over yonder.

 What a view!

We stopped at two watering holes along the way and both times one of the horses blissfully rolled in the water.  He was so funny!  Look how he's up to his eyeballs getting a drink:

My sister was dying laughing.  Well, we were all laughing, but Amy just about wet herself.  Tonka didn't know what to think.  I didn't let him lay down in there.  He thought about it though.  To be honest I'm surprised he wanted to get in.  The mud at the edge was just the kind he doesn't like but he cheerfully plowed right in. I guess he really needed to cool off.

That's my good boy.

I can't wait to go again.  I'd like to get John to go with me and we could take the two green horses out there.  Not both at the same time of course.  This area is full of super easy trails and Bella will love the watering holes.  I think Scout will too, but he's kind of on and off when it comes to water.  It's also really close to my friend's house, so I bet I can talk her into going with me too.  Here's the map of our ride.


Keechy said...

Gorgeous boy!

froglander said...

I'm jealous of the gorgeous places you get to ride!

Glad to hear you've been able to ride Tonka :)